Monday, August 30, 2010

What's a 'Paisle' Anyway?

 I got some new canvases in last week and I'm excited to be working on 12 x 12" square canvases. I thought it would be a fun size to offer those who just want a small painting to add a splash of color to an empty wall (or art gallery wall!)

I think this little pair would be perfect in a nursery. They'd perch nicely on a shelf or look great hanging out on the wall. 

Chris doesn't "get" paisley patterns. He's confused why someone would want a pattern with a bunch of amoebas (he calls them "paisles"). Whatevs. I like it. And this one has flowers in it too so maybe it makes more sense to him. :) 


  1. Love Paisles! and paisleys too! Nice patterns with the flowers to spice it up.

    All done with nurserys but would put one in this neat little guest room we now have. :)

  2. Lovin your paisles!!

  3. Paisles, lol. My mother loves paisley, and I've never liked it. I've always referred to paisley prints as "the dancing hams" and my mother whacks me for it. =)


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