Friday, August 6, 2010


Woooohoooo!! It's the weekend!

[Fun at the pool last week with zee nieces and nephew...and my 'little' bro]

Have a fabulous weekend, amigos. Chris and I will be headed up to Boston to visit with his brother's fam. It's my first time there so I'm really excited! Any good weekend plans??



  1. Boston is one of my favorite places, have fun!!!! Girls weekend for me, I am giddy with excitement!!!

  2. Have a great time... I am honestly hoping for a lil down time this weekend... it has been busy, busy here at the circus!

  3. What a fun family!! Oh... to be in a pool right now!
    Have an amazing weekend!

  4. Can't wait for the etsy shop! Is it open yet?

  5. Ahh--it looks so fun and relaxing. I am dying for a pool over here @ our home! : )


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