Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sea Glass Stripes

My mom is excited about the basement bathroom re-do in my parents' house. Her inspiration comes from this magazine page (Anyone know where it's from? I forget!) and a jar full of sea glass that she found in an antique store.   

They have a cabinet in the bathroom that had a black & white checkered front. That worked fine with the Western theme they had going on in there (think long horns hanging on the wall and our childhood cowboy boots proudly displayed). But, definitely would not go with the new bathroom. 

I told my mom that the checkered doors would not do for this new coastal/beach inspiration. I told her we were doing something different and thankfully, she trusted me on this one. So, we painted over the checkers. 

(The lighting in the basement is horrid. Please excuse the quality of these pictures. I did the best I could!)

I wanted stripes with varying widths, so instead of taping off the doors all at once, I went through stripe by stripe with the blue painter's tape. 

I slowly peeled the tape off while the paint was still somewhat wet. 

I wanted the stripes to run continuously down both doors so I brought the tape all the way down and painted both doors at once. 

I mixed the colors myself from acrylic paint. One of the colors is the new wall color, which I brought in to make things cohesive. 

All finished! The space is kind of tight, so it was hard to get the whole cabinet in the shot. Ignore the wall color, that will be changed to a "seaglassy" light blue. 

My mom wanted a weathered, worn look so I didn't worry about getting full paint coverage on the stripes. She might go back and sand it down a little if she decides she wants a more weathered look. 

Whatcha think, amigos?? I love them and more importantly, my mom digs them too!


  1. The magazine page is from a Better Homes & Gardens issue...can't remember which one but I will flip through my stack when I get home if you don't have the answer by then. They have the same paint scheme format in every issue...love it.

  2. Cute, girl! I've never met a stripe I didn't like! : )

  3. Great job girlie!!! Makes me think about attempting something fun in my bathroom... and by that I mean, makes me think about getting one of my artsy friends to attempt something fun in my bathroom. :-)

  4. So great, I love the colours! I was just looking through your blog and I love it! Definitely a new daily read. =)


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