Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painting Tuscany

First of all, Aloha and welcome to my new lurkers and followers! I'm amazed at the burst of traffic through here yesterday from the YHL post on my artwork. So blessed by your sweet and supportive comments! If you're a lurker, pleeeeease say hello! I really get so excited when a lurker delurks. :) I might even read a few comments to my husband, like I did so ecstatically yesterday!

Anywhooo... Besides those stripeys on the cabinet downstairs, my mom had one more project for me during my visit home last week. (Well, she had about a million in her head, but I only had so much time!)

I actually worked all week on this one and ended up awake until 2:30am with my mama on my last night home, painting and listening to André Bocelli Christmas music in an effort to finish it. (Mom thought we should be listening to Italian music, but all she had on hand was his Christmas CD. The stuff memories are made from, people.)

In addition to the bathroom re-vamp, my parents are also giving the downstairs family room a makeover. They recently got some new furniture with red and gold tones and wanted to bring all of that together in a Tuscan landscape painting. 

She showed me a few paintings and photos online that were similar to what she was thinking and I used those as a jumping off point for this painting.

(Did you know I was the manager of the wrestling team in college? It's true. Looove the sport.)

My family's favorite part was the majestic clouds. I, of course, had to sneak in Mt. Etna as an homage to our Sicilian heritage. 

And I especially like this little copse (that's a real word, right?) of trees on the hill. 

Be on the lookout for my Etsy shop coming in September!! :)


  1. Great job Lulu! Bee-u-tiffle as always!

  2. Found you through YHL. I spent a good chunk of time yesterday reading through your archives.

    You and your husband are so cute! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures.

    Can't wait for your Etsy shop to open. Go Sicilians!

    Michele Daggar

    P.S. I don't have a blog, I just like to read them!

  3. Ok Lindsay I will admit I have been a stalker lol! I am your friend on my facebook from high school, though I know we have had no interaction since! I like seeing all your creations you are a great artist and very creative! It is helping inspire to think a little more creatively! I also enjoy seeing your pictures of navy life. My Dad was in the Navy also and we lived in many places including Hawaii and Japan so I have enjoyed remembering those places!

  4. Look at you go, girl! Love it!

  5. Hi Lindsay! I'm a lurker from the YHL post and I've been reading through a lot of the older posts too - you're such a great writer and your blog is very entertaining. I love that you take readers inside of your life :)

    I saw in an old post that you were a little nervous about starting your Etsy shop. First-don't be! Your artwork is amazing. I already want some :) But second- I found this article (from Etsy) today and I thought maybe it would help you? See? I'm that much of a lurker :)

    Anyway I'm going to be contributing some home/ design/ wedding/ general prettiness posts to my friend Meredith's great blog,, so I hope you'll stop by and let us know what you think.

    Have a great afternoon!

  6. Found your blog through YHL and I really enjoy it! You have great posts and amazing artwork! Thank you for the inspiration.
    I looked through the Wedding Week posts (what a beautiful wedding by the way!) and noticed your anniversary was May 23 - my husband and I married on May 24 '09. We share the same wedding weekend :)

  7. Wowee!!! You are so talented!!! Great job!

  8. Another lurker from YHL - very fun blog and great artwork!


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