Tuesday, August 24, 2010

[over the weekend] We Went on a Hike.

Yep, it's true. We did.

Sunday after church Chris and I headed out to the West side of the island and drove until the road ended. Seriously. And then we got out and hiked two hours in the Hawaii sun with no sunscreen. We're geniuses. (I was forbidden to post pics of Chris in his sun-clocking getup. Let's just say it was very "Lawrence of Arabia").

We stopped to eat lunch under this natural archway. I'm glad it didn't crash down and kill us while we were enjoying our jalapeño bread and salami. That would have ruined our lunch break a little bit. 

Per usual, I took the high road. (har, har)

We found a cave. Do you see me pouting there while Chris takes my picture? I didn't want to crawl into the cave cuz I saw a huuuuge spider web occupied by huuuuge spider and I was positive we were walking into a trap. Glad Chris captured the moment. 

Um, love this boy. 

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  1. it's so beautiful there, isn't it? I haven't gotten the chance to hike on the waianae side yet. I'm thinking of starting small, and flat (b/c of a stroller), but one day when we get a sitter, we'll go exploring on that side!

  2. This definitely makes me want to put in for Hawaiia next! How gorgeous!

  3. okay nerd time. at that arch that you were standing under, there are two distinct lava flows. one had alot of gas so there are big holes, and the other didn't (little to no holes). But! the coolest part of all is that there are olivine crystals at the contact, and some are the size of your fist! It's awesome, and I love Kaena Pt!

  4. you guys are so cute and i love that your together and off on your fun mini adventures again!

  5. Looks like fun! You two kids are so darn cute! Have a piece of jalepeno bread for me! :)


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