Friday, August 20, 2010

The Gift of Life: How You Can Help

Today I'm going to be delving into a deeper subject than I normally touch on on this blog. It's a subject that is very close to my heart and I want to share how you can help. 

My mom has been the executive director at the Bowie Crofton and Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic since 1982. As a little girl, I went to work with my mother on her work days. I spent my Tuesday and Thursday mornings on a couch in a counseling room watching cartoons. As I watched my kids' movies and used the fetal models as dolls, I knew something important went on there, but didn't realize of the impact of the work going on around me. But once I started reaching my elementary, middle school and high school years, I grew to understand the life changing ministry more. 

Thousands of women each year are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and have little or no resources to help them make life-changing decisions. The Pregnancy Clinic offers completely free services from pregnancy tests and counseling, LifeSense classes (on subjects from breastfeeding to budgeting), STD testing and counseling to 3D/4D ultrasounds and more. 

 From their website: 

"The Pregnancy Clinic is a faith-based, medical non-profit serving those facing pregnancy related and sexual health issues by offering physical, emotional and spiritual support, and empowering them to make healthy and life-affirming decisions. Established in 1982, the Pregnancy Clinic has served over 21,000 women and their families with totally free services, empowering thousands of women to choose life instead of abortion. Two offices, Bowie Crofton and Severna Park meet women at their point of need, listening with compassion and offering help, healing and hope. The Severna Park office was opened in what had been a large abortion clinic and is now a life saving- life changing sanctuary."

photo by Tina Modotti.

On September 18th and 25th, the Pregnancy Clinic will be hosting their annual Walk and Run for Life. Walkers and runners can register and ask sponsors to pledge them. Each penny goes towards helping the Clinic continue to offer these free, life changing services. 

While Chris and I will not be in Maryland in September, we will be going on a hike on September 18th as our own Hawaii version of the Walk and Run! We know that financial times are tough but each dollar can make a difference towards helping women choose life for their child. For example, $1.70 pays for one pregnancy test. $25 pays for 10 Bibles for clients. $200 pays for one sonogram that can make the difference between life and death for an unborn child. 

Would you consider sponsoring me? My goal right now is $750 but I hope to change that goal to a higher number once we pass it. :) 

You can go to my fundraising website and click the orange Sponsor Me! button on the right. It's easy and fast and changes lives. Pledge to donate the cost of your Starbucks coffee, a soda per day or (if you're like me), maybe that new area rug can wait a few months. Remember, every dollar goes towards changing women's lives. 

I'll put a link on my sidebar so that if you need some time to crunch numbers or pray about it, you can come back any time between now and September 18th and give the gift of life. 

Mahalo friends! Thank you for your prayers and support for the Bowie Crofton and Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic!


  1. okay, you got me weeping. Thank you Lindsay for your sweet memories. I have a drawer at work which holds many of your crayon drawings from those days. I am so proud of your willingness to boldly stand for serving others in a life saving, life changing way.
    I love you.

  2. What awesome work your mom does! Thank you so much for sharing.


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