Thursday, August 19, 2010

From Yee-haw to Aaah: My Parent's Bathroom Re-do.

Two weeks ago, I showed you the sea glass inspired stripes that I painted in my parent's downstairs bathroom. Today I'd like to show you what a world of difference some paint and new accessories made in that dark and dreary bathroom. 

If you don't already know, I have four brothers. (And two sisters. Yep,I'm one of seven kids.) At one point, most of them were sharing this bathroom, so my mom had to come up with some decor scheme that would appease them all. So, yee-haw, she went Western. Very Western. Yes,  those are longhorns on the wall. 

I've gotta give it up to my mom. When she commits, she commits. 

Yes, this is definitely a bathroom for teenage boys. Who else wants to brush their teeth with good 'ol John Wayne and Clint Eastwood??

Let's fast forward to the 'after', shall we?

My dad painted the walls with "Blue Silk" from Olympia. I think it's amazing what a bright coat of paint can do to lighten up a room without windows. Adding a bright white shower curtain helps too. 

My mom added coastal accessories like a glass bowl full of sand dollars (found by my grandmother on the beach), vintage blue bottles and a Chesapeake Blue Crab print as an ode to our home state, Maryland. 

She took a paintbrush to that branchy towel rod and once again turned 'blah' into 'bright'. Doesn't it remind you a little of bleached driftwood now?

And here are the bathroom cabinets, complete with starfish knobs and those sea glass stripes I painted a few weeks ago. 

Great job, Mom and Dad! Anyone else have a cave-like room with a need for some bright paint?

In other news, our living room was featured on It's Great to Be Home yesterday. Check it out here!

Chris and I are headed to IKEA today. I've got my wish list in hand and Chris is working on bringing along his patience (he's such a good husband! :)


  1. a) just found your blog and have been reading it for about 2 hrs! haha! love your inspiration posts. color scares me b/c of "mixing and matching" but your inspirations are very lovely!
    b) your hair is so adorable! i have the same cut but a little longer and you may or may not have inspired me to clip it shorter!
    c) you and your husband are adorable and i loved your pics from your wedding. those pink bridesmaid dresses rocked my world.
    d)loooove the bathroom redo. the peach toilet even matches now!! and it definitely brightened the space up like 10xs more!

  2. Wow! That is an amazing transformation.


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