Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Maryland, My Maryland.

I'm headed home to Maryland this weekend! Chris will be meeting me in Rhode Island (where he'll be at a school for three weeks) next week but we thought I should take advantage of an empty week and spend it with the fam. Here are some things I am bouncing - off- my- lime -green- couch excited about: 

Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs. Nothing says home like a heap of these guys, a vat bowl of melted butter and a cold beer. YUM!

Nieces and nephews galore! This is only half of the brood. I know they've gotten so big in the last year and I can't wait to squeeze and kiss on each one of them! 

This view. Oh, I love this view. Chris' parent's live on the river and if a crab feast says home, then a crab feast on the deck overlooking this river says heaven to me. 

Chick-fil-a!! You know my love for the plump, juicy 'Chiken' sandwiches. Oh, and the waffle fries!! And the sauces! And the sweet tea!!

I can't wait to meet this beauty. Sofia Lindsay is our newest niece and my namesake, at that. 

More food. Pad Thai at Nano. Chris and I ate pad thai all across the country, trying to find the best one. None compared to the steaming plate of succulent noodles at this sushi bar/Thai restaurant in downtown Annapolis. 

I'm not so excited about the almost 24 hour travel day by myself. Yuck.



  1. Have so much fun, Lindsay!!! : )

  2. I will go to Chick Fil A with you.

  3. This made my desire to get back to Annapolis so strong :)

    I haven't had steamed crabs in so long.

  4. hip hip hooray!! i hope you have a fantabulous time and totally live it up while your here!

  5. This just gets better and better! I'm an MD girl, through and through! :)


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