Friday, July 16, 2010

I Have to Confess...

 ... the prospect of an empty, waiting to be filled weekend is really depressing when Chris is gone. 

 I'm missing him alot this morning. Zero communication doesn't help and neither does being across the globe from my fam. God has certainly provided friends here in Hawaii, but nothing compares to having Chris next to me. 

In other news...

...warm banana bread with crumbly Streusel topping and cream cheese is da bomb...

... I have several half-finished projects around the house and I'm *hoping* to share them with you next week. 

... I hope Chris doesn't mind that I have a friend staying in our guest room while he's gone. 

Aaannd, this is my last chance to remind you to enter the Sew Much Detail giveaway this weekend! I'll be announcing the winner on Monday (so you have until about 5am Eastern time to enter).

1 comment:

  1. I wish my plane could plop down in Hawaii on my way back to the mainland US. That would be super fun! I will however, be in MD the 9-16th of Aug., I really hope thats when you're there too!


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