Tuesday, July 13, 2010

His Faithfulness is New Every Morning

I will never tire of seeing massive, brilliant rainbows like this almost every day in Hawaii. 

[Just ignore the ghetto-rific streets of Pearl City] 

Yes, it was a full arced rainbow and yes, I saw it 'touch down' in a field on the left side of the road. 

(But no pot of gold.)


  1. Couldn't appreciate the rainbow 'mascot' till we were there and wowed by them so often. Have lots of pics and even some of the amazing double rainbows as well. Thank you Lord for blessing us with a picture of your promises.

  2. I miss them!!! You're so right, they never, ever get old :)

    Side note: Were you as shocked as I was to see how ghetto parts of Oahu really are? I mean, the H1 in Honolulu is NOT what I expected, yet the very first thing I saw upon leaving the airport. I was absolutely expected coconut trees, outriggers, and hula dancers everywhere. Yep, even on the highway ;)


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