Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tandemonium 2010!

Thanks so much to those of you who weighed in on my Etsy questions yesterday. Your encouragement and kind words mean so much to me! I'd still reeally love to hear any opinions or advice so if you'd like to throw in your own two cents, please scroll down a bit and read the post below!

And nooow for a weekend recap!

On Saturday, we had the privilege to compete in a tandem surf competition (dubbed Tandemonium!) with 7 other couples from our mini-church.

It was such a fun event organized by a couple of our fabulous friends. It was the perfect day, surrounded by dear friends and getting to surf with my man. And guess what guys--- WE WON!!

We went into the day totally accepting the fact that we were going to get our butts whooped. We were competing with couples who have been surfing for years together.

But slowly and surely through the day, we happened to catch good waves and it was becoming apparent that we could actually win this thing!

That's when I started really getting competitive. Ha!

We are so blessed to have these friends around us. I'm really dreading the day we find out we have to leave Hawaii. 


Look at the beautiful trophy we got to take home! Rachel did a great job searching for something really awesome. She got it at the Swap Meet here and then had it engraved!

Isn't the logo for the competition awesome?? Our friend Nick designed it and we have some pretty sweet shirts with this logo to remember the day by. (And the cake tasted delicious too!!)

Oh, and I'd like you to meet some friends that came up to join us on the beach. 

That's pretty much what Chris and I looked like the next day. We were 'wiped out'. :)


  1. Aww--Congrats to you guys! That looks like so much fun. I've been to Hawaii twice and both times I didn't get the chance to take surf lessons. : (

    Guess I'll just have to schedule another trip soon. : )

  2. Don't take this the wrong way, but sometimes I hate reading your blog because it reminds me of how far off it is until I'll have the opportunity to move back to Hawai'i! The pictures bring back so many memories. And stir up a lot of jealousy!

    What beach were you guys at??

    Congrats on winning the surf comp ;) I dare you to try it at Pipeline this winter!

  3. Marianne--I totally get what you're saying, because I will be in your shoes once we leave. We are certainly blessed to be able to live here right now!

    We were at White Plains Beach (Barber's Point) over on the West Side.

    Aaaand it might be a few years before we attempt Pipeline :)


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