Monday, June 21, 2010

Inspire Me Monday: Pendant Love

This post is brought to you by my handsome and yet design-befuddled husband today.

I've been wanting to change out our hideous light fixture above the dining room table for awhile now. We live in a rental so we'd have to save the ugly original fixture and replace it when we leave, but I think it'd be worth it to get a look that I love.

I tried to explain to Chris my vision of hanging a pendant drum shade over the table and was met with a blank stare. "That would look weird," he said. I asked him what he meant by weird and he said "strange". Not very helpful. I think he is having trouble envisioning what I mean, so I gathered the following images to give him a visual. So, now you get to enjoy them too! (But I'm convinced that you guys are not nearly as befuddled as my man about my vision...)

The next one is a quite a bit larger than I have envisioned but I do love the natural texture of the shade. 

Love the unexpected pop of pattern and color on the inside of these shades!

I pretty much adore everything about this next image. The bursts of red, the wire chairs, the itty bitty frame collage on the wall, the gray rug under the table. 

Sources: His House; Her HelpHouzz, Graham and Green, Room RemixMoving Designz

I've been searching for a shade for awhile and have not found anything within our budget, so I'm thinking of going the DIY route here. I've seen some round shades at Walmart and Target for under $20 and I know you can buy a lamp kit on the cheap too. It can't be that hard to rig up a hanging pendant light, right??

Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing?


  1. Sorry can't offer anything in the way of advice but will gladly take a look at the finished product. My fav is that last pic.... love the red, the collage and that shelving unit also... and those chairs are super cute.. though I don't think they'd hold booster seats all that well. :(

  2. Slightly obsessed with the first two. So cute!



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