Friday, June 18, 2010

here and there: good finds

-We picked these two up off the street at the airport yesterday! We're excited to have them spend the week with us!

Last night we enjoyed a picnic of brie, focaccia bread, olives, pepperoni, fruit and wine while soaking in this rosy sunset at the beach. 'Twas lovely.

-It's bulk trash week in the neighborhood. AKA--treasure hunting week. Chris and I snagged this bench from the side of the road the other night and I can't wait to give it a new life!

I'm so thankful to have a husband who encourages my dumpster diving! 

-I've been searching for a cheap reasonably priced white tray for our coffee table for a good while now. I've passed by this one a few times at Target and I actually bought it the other day. Guess how much I got it for? 


I think it was originally twenty some bucks. It was on the clearance shelf but it didn't have a sticker and wouldn't scan right in the price checker. I carried it around until I found an employee and when he came back and told me it was under $5 I said, "I'll take it!" 

I was thinking about painting over the tray bottom (of course, my mind always goes there) but it actually has a lot of cities that Chris and I have been to and I like it alot more in my home than I did in the store, so I might just *gasp* leave it alone.

Anyone else have some great little finds this week? I think it's so funny how a simple discovery can make me feel happy for days....

-A discovery like seeing that I have some new followers today! 

[woo to the hoo!]

Thanks to all you beautiful people who rose to the challenge and started following Aisle to Aloha! I am so blessed to have totally awesome readers like you guys and love having the opportunity to write and share things on this little blog. 

Peace out people. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Have a great time with your bro and his wife... visiting family is always a treat!!! Great job on scoring those wonderful finds... I had a successful Kohls run this week and even scored an additional 30% off already reduced prices!! :-)

  2. Hope you have fun with your visitors! You are so cute with your trash pick-up! What a great husband to support you!

  3. I found a little kids table at a garage sale this morning that I couldn't resist. It is from Denmark, wood painted white, with chalk board paint in the center. two chairs. one bench with storage under the seat! little cushions with blue on one side and blue and white plaid on the other. Rearranged the glass room and tucked this in the corner looking oh so inviting for grandchildren!

  4. I <3 bulk pick up! It's one of my favorite activities. I can't wait to see what you do with that bench. It's got good "bones".


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