Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Island Highlights

 When Chris and I first moved to Oahu, we decided that we wanted to try our best to travel to the other islands in Hawaii. We're not sure when we'll make it back here once the Navy moves us again, so we want to seize the opportunity while we're here.

A few weeks ago, the Big Island got crossed off our list! We spent two nights at the Kilauea Military Camp in the middle of the Volcano National Park. 

When we first drove into the park, we saw puffs of steam rising out the ground. We pulled over and had fun walking through the warm volcanic steam. 

We spent our first sunset on the Big Island at the Black Sand Beach, where volcanic rock has been pulverized by the waves to create this magnificent black sand. 

We hung out with a group of sea turtles too. 

Kilauea Volcano is active and we got to see it several times during the day...

...and night. (That's lava glowing from below the surface reflecting on the steam)

Our rental car's odometer ticked off about 400 miles in the 48 hours we were on island. We did a lot of driving around and it was fascinating to see the landscape of the mountains, volcanos and the lava fields. 

Despite warnings and rental agreements, my dare devil husband insisted on driving to the top of Mauna Kea, with the summit of 13,796 feet. It was a white knuckle drive as we ascended the steep road above the clouds but totally worth it. 

And we were glad we didn't pay the $400 we were quoted for tours to the summit!

It was freeezing at the summit-- and I thought it was funny to note the contrast between the frigid summit temperature and the heat we felt just a few hours earlier at sea level. Oh, and the wind almost knocked me over several times, including in this picture!

And we had a little fun at a community park before leaving the next day. 

Vacations with this guy are pretty much the best thing ever... no matter where we are!

Happy weekend, friends! 


  1. Great pictures! Hawaii looks so amazing!

  2. Those are some amazing pictures! What a fabulous place to live right now! :)

  3. you know how we have our quest to visit every US National Park in our married life? I can't wait to visit Volcano NP... LOVE, LOVE your Hawaiian pics... every time I see your pics of your island adventures it makes me wanna find a way to get out there soon and see it myself!


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