Monday, May 10, 2010

Home Office Love

 I'm currently jobless and really have no need for a home office, but I still have an inexplicable desire for my own little nook complete with a streamlined desk (looove the Parsons desk from West Elm) , some colorful bins filled to the brim with my art supplies and inspirational images tacked to the wall. It'd be the perfect spot to blog from! 

Perhaps this "need" has something to do with these beautiful images:

So what do you think? Anyone wanna pitch in a *few* bucks for a Parsons desk for me?

Sources: unknown, Decor8 blogflickr, flickrdecor pad


  1. love this post! i really like the chair in the second picture. it would look lovely with my new dresser! i also noticed a lot of those white desks come from west elm... love that store!

  2. Everyone needs a home office, job or not. Especially when they look that cute!! Everyone has to pay pills and why not pay bills in a happy little cove!!! I love the Chairs in the first two. I am looking for a chair that will inspire me on how to decorate my master bedroom, I am in a rut. That desk is way cute!!!

  3. I just found your blog from Bryn Alexandra's! Those office nooks are GORGEOUS. I seriously want 1 or 2 (and LOVE the color scheme in 3. Grey and Gold with accents of coral = my dream bedroom). I have no need for it, but I want it! I can understand your longing for the desk :)

    Do you live on Oahu? I went to school there for a semester and am dying to move back(to either there or Maui) once I'm finished!!! I talk about it um, more than 24/7 haha. So jealous you're livin' in paradise.

    Hope you're having a great week!



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