Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bookshelf Redemption

 Remember when I showed you my awful black hole of a bookshelf and lamented my DIY failure? Here's a reminder of the ugliness that was taking over the corner of our master bedroom.

And after two coats of paint, it was looking a bit diseased. 

I looked for some inexpensive patterned wrapping paper to cover the back of the shelf. Couldn't find anything good so I settled for a $1.99 roll of white wrapping paper.  That didn't work because you could see the ugly paint job through the cheap paper. 

So, I decided to try a few more coats of paint and see if I could still manage something with the paint I already had. 

I solved the problem and my DIY failure has become one of my favorite projects! 

After several billion coats of paint, the white base coat was finally looking good. Not perfect, but good. 

 I painted a lattice pattern in a pale green. And now the bookshelf looks awesome.

The lattice pattern mimics the pattern in the pillows on the bed and it's the same pattern hanging on the wall in the living room. You can see both at the same time from the hallway.

I love it! 

(And now I don't feel like a big failure anymore.)


  1. great job Lindsay! oh and i LOVE that lil elephant guy! =) he is ADORABLE. =)

  2. Looks sooo cool! Bright and now the nice items on the shelf show up great

  3. Cute! Maybe you could do that lattice print on one of my letters. You're so creative!

  4. Nothing like a deadline to make you motivated! ;)

  5. looks fabulous!! Good for you for not giving up and for thinking outside the box. I love it!!

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  7. Wow! What a gorgeous transformation! Thanks so much for sending the link our way. And the glimpse of that amazing DIY art work inspired by those Crate & Barrel prints is the icing on the cake!



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