Friday, May 21, 2010

A Birthday Tribute to My Favorite Person on Earth

It's my sweet hubby's birthday today! I hate being away from him on his birthday (i looove birthdays) and especially hate that it seems like email is down on the ship again. Oh well. Soon enough, he will be home, home, HOME and we can celebrate together! Now for some birthday love...

10 things I love about the birthday boy.

uno. He knows that I hate driving and [almost] always drives when we go places. And he's really good at taking the keys from me and switching places with me when I come pick him up from work.

[September '09. On our way to the beach for a sunset picnic.]

dos.  He cracks me up. We are always laughing together. That is one of the things I miss most about being around him. Emails don't allow for the same goofiness together. There will never be a shortage of laughter in our household.

[there will also never, ever be a shortage of pictures with goofy faces.]

tres.   On the same note, I. love. his. laugh. When he really cracks up, he makes me wanna crack up just watching him. 

[May '09. Watching the Blue Angels at the Naval Academy.]

cuatro. He loves God and while a flawed man, he does such a great job of living out the Gospel and extending grace in our marriage.  

[Fall '08. Engagement session]

cinco. He is the most adventurous person I know. He'll try anything. From spelunking to swimming with sharks at night, to eating raw (still pumping blood) fish hearts and trying back flips on the wake board. Life is never boring with him and I love it.

[ Spring '05. Making bat stew in Fiji.]

seis. When I try (some of!) those adventurous things along with him, I feel completely safe. He's never reckless or stupid and I completely trust him with my life. He's resourceful and smart. He's the man. 

[Summer '09. Backpacking in the Grand Canyon.]

siete.  He always encourages me to do things I love. He gets so excited when I am working on a new painting. Whenever he gets into port, one of the first things he does is catch up on my blog. His encouragement is one of the big reasons I love being so creative. 

[Summer '09. Hanging my paintings in our new house]

ocho. I know that he's going to make a great daddy someday. He is fantastic with our nieces and nephews and I love thinking about him holding our babies. *Sigh*

[Winter '09. Baltimore Aquarium with 3 of our nieces and nephew]

nueve.  He's a genius. His brain works in ways that mine can't even imagine. He's a veritable wealth of information and I only hope that our children get his brains. 

[Oh, and he's dashingly handsome too]

diez. I mean, seriously, how can you not love this face? I married the hottest man on the planet. 

[Summer '08. You may have seen this picture before. I loove it]

He's my best friend and I love him to death! Can't wait til he's home again with me! Happy Birthday babe! 

P.S. Our anniversary is on Sunday. Stay tuned next week for lots of flashback wedding posts! 

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  1. You are a beautiful wife! Way to cheer on your husband and your relationship! I"m sorry you'll be away from each other on Sunday :( It's like a mean "happy anniversary/welcome" from the Navy. You'll have good celebrations soon enough when he's home, though! :)


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