Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bedroom Phase Two: Patterned Pillows

I'm still slowly working on adding more personality to our bedroom. You saw Phase One where I used my drill skillz to hang some silky curtains for a touch of glam and a big transformation.I still love those curtains and they have not fallen on my head, which makes me love them even more!  I've also added a little organization and some love story inspired art to the room.

Just another small update for you. You've gotta know by now that I spend a lot of time in Ross. I got this lamp, these sweet vases,  and this curtain rod there, among many other things in our home. It's probably not the best discount home decor store, but it's pretty much all we have  here on the island, so I'll take it!

I bought a queen sheet set there the other day for 13.99 and the pillow cases are the perfect addition to the bed. They are actually a tan color but they pick up the green from the other pillows and tend to look light green, which is fine with me.

I wanted to add a little pattern to the room (besides the feather pattern in the curtains) and the lattice pattern is just what I was looking for. And as an added bonus, they give me just the right support for sitting in bed talking to friends back home or browsing through blogs. 

Here's another tip: It's a good idea to use similar colors throughout your home. That way, when you pull a towel off your head after your shower and throw it on the bed, it doesn't look out of place. 

Not a staged photo. Just keeping it real. 

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  1. I like how your new dress is in the photo too! so when chris gets home and throws it on the floor, it still matches the room. you really think of everything :)


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