Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle, Part 3: Bright & Light

 A few months ago, Chris and I rarely went in our backyard. It was full of cobwebs, overgrown grass and the occasional curious mongoose. But I vowed to give it a glam makeover so Chris and I could enjoy when he returns from his deployment.

So here's what we've been working with. A blank slate.

In this post I showed you some bright citronella candles and adirondack chairs I purchased to spruce the backyard up a bit. 

I have since killed that plant and I haven't done anything about the table yet. 

But I have decided to keep the wood tones. So, I guess that's something. 

I also showed you my awesome new herb garden that I planted with some help from my mama

So, that's what's been done to spruce up our little back yard haven up until now. A few weeks ago, I stopped at Home Depot and I was pleasantly surprised by their selection of outdoor pillows. I picked up two of their cheeriest pillows.

 I snagged an orange Gerber daisy plant too. I couldn't resist his orangey goodness. (This guy is still alive and kicking. I'm hoping I get a chance to redeem myself from my plant killer ways.)

I also picked up a string of bistro lights at Target a few weeks ago. It was about $15 for one strand, and it was the perfect way to add a little glitz.


So just some bright pillows and a string of lights, but it makes the space feel more like an extension of our home. I've got a few more small tweaks to the patio before I post "after" pictures, so stay tuned. 

Now that the weather is getting warmer, are you thinking about gussying up your deck, patio or yard? Grilled anything good lately? Wanna come grill me some steaks??

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  1. I love it! Looks perfect for hanging out in that gorgeous Hawaiian weather=) Good job!


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