Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Q & A with Lindsay

First of all, I just want to say thank you to all who take the time to read my blog. I have such fun keeping up this blog and I hope that you enjoy reading it! And thanks to those who weighed in yesterday with some questions for me to answer.

Jenn had a whole slew of questions for me:

What is your favorite color?  

You know, sometimes I feel like a 4 year old because my favorite color changes fairly often. I just love all of them and I want to give them equal playing time. Right now, orange is my favorite color. In fact, I'm loving this blog, How About Orange.

 If you were a fruit, what would you be and why? 

Haha, ummmm.. all I can think of are really strange tropical fruits we have out here. I don't think I'm a dragon fruit with all it's spikes and strange insides. 

Maybe a lime. I'm bright, sweet, but not too sweet, and having a beer with me makes it a lot more fun. ;)

What is your favorite time of day? 

After dinner, when dishes are all finished, the sun is setting, the day is cooling down and I get to go on a walk with Chris and talk about our day. (Also, that's about the time all my favorite shows come if he's not here, I get to veg :)

What is your favorite candy? 

I looove Haribo Gummy Coke Bottles. Chris even brought me a few bags of them in lieu of flowers when I returned from Spain. He knows me well. :)

Beth asked:

What were some of the first things that attracted you to Chris? 

Well, Chris and I were friends for a few years before I even considered him more than a friend (sad, I know... good thing he's persistent!) but once he started to woo me, I was so impressed with his determination to ensure that our relationship was Christ-centered and honoring to God, each other and our families. He quickly earned my deep respect for that. I loved his goofy humor and it was so attractive to me that he knew how to balance that goofiness with the sincerity of our new relationship. Oh, and his floppy blonde hair was pretty cute and his huge smile that radiates from his face continues to grab my heart strings whenever I see it! 

How can you not love this face??

On which points did you guys really "connect"? 

We both love Jesus and from the beginning, that was the basis of our relationship. And coming from big families, I think we related really well. I was tough enough to deal with his sarcasm (him coming from a family of 5 boys) and he was... well, he was learning how to deal with this girl (again... him coming from a family of 5 boys). I think we actually balance each other out really well. He's a thinker, I'm a feeler. I'm a recipe follower, he's a 'throw in a bit of this and that' kind of cook. He dives right into the ocean, while I'm happy to just sit on the beach. That's not really connecting per se, but I think it's been fun to mesh our two styles and come up with new ways to do things. 

Leah asked: 

What are your strengths and weaknesses in relating to other people?  And how do these play out in your relationship with Chris?

I think a big weakness I have is that I have trouble letting people know that they've hurt or disappointed me. I hate that yucky feeling of confronting someone and so usually I just let it go, or let it fester instead of just bringing it up. How that plays out with Chris is that even though I don't have any problem letting him know that he's hurt or disappointed me, I often have trouble articulating what I need from him or what I'm feeling about the situation. So I clam up. And that frustrates him because he just wants to know how to make the situation better. 

A strength I have is that I have a pretty open personality, so (I have been told) I'm pretty good at making people feel welcome and loved. When Chris and I were *just* friends (meaning I thought we were just friends but he was in love with me), apparently I did a pretty good job of making him feel like a million bucks. Haha! So I guess without that open personality, which he sometimes mistook for flirting....we would never have gotten started! 

kp asked who is your favorite sister in law and why?

Funny you should ask. I have three amazing sister-in-laws, whom I consider to be sisters and friends. I just can't pick a favorite but perhaps if one would name a child after me, that might sway the vote. Hehe. 

And lastly, my sweet (sappy according to some) husband asked 

How did you get so beautiful? I have been wondering this for 8 years now.

I don't really have an answer, but how could I not stick that in the post?? 

Thanks again to all who contributed!

 ( I don't really know why all the text sizes are different.. sorry about that.)


  1. fun! thanks for the 'how about orange' link!

  2. I love hearing all of your answers. I was very excited to find another orange-lover! It's such a fun color. :-) Here's a question for you...what's your favorite part of living in Hawaii?

  3. MAN! I feel like I was just reading your post and brainstorming a good question when pop, your posting the answers already!! Sorry I miss out on the fun!

    I did enjoy reading the questions and answers though.

    You and Chris remind me a lot of Scott and myself. We are 2 very different people, with 2 diff personalities. I remember when we were dating I'd say, well, we both love God, and that's about where are similarities end... but now... after 5 yrs of dating and almost 9 yrs of marriage... we are so much more alike. I feel like we have both changed and grown a lot and I feel like we see things so similarly now.. I am not saying we are clones, but so much more, one...


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