Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pearly Whites

With my home coming countdown slooowly ticking down, I'm starting in on preparations for Chris' return. I'm not doing a whole lot now since I don't want to get ahead of myself but there is one thing I thought I could jump in on.

Whitening my teeth! The box says to do it twice a day, but I like to stretch it out and just apply the strips once a day. That system seems to work just the same for me when I do that. If you've ever whitened your teeth, you'll know what great fun it is to stick those gummy strips on your pearly whites yellows, and tool around the house for 30 minutes while slurping your spittle. Glamorous, yeah? 

I whitened my teeth last year before our wedding and I was pretty darn excited that they worked so well. I even have a distinct memory of sharing a special moment with my mom when she commented "Wow, your teeth look really white!" as we were taking pictures together in the backyard. That's pretty much all I remember her saying to me all day... but I'm sure there were other things.

Do you have any other beauty regimens you must complete before a big reunion or event?  Pedicure? Eyebrows waxed? Have you whitened your teeth before? Do your teeth get sensitive too?

Here's to white teeth and May being just around the corner!

(And of course, Crest did not pay me for any sort of endorsement for their product, though I'd happy to negotiate a deal! Ha!)


  1. love it.. i am sure that is def the conversation your momma wants you to cherish and remember from your special day. :-)

    i have never tried whitening...perhaps I should.. my one big beauty thing is removing the upper lip hair.. glamorous I know... walking around with the Sally Hanson cream mustache for 10 min and then plucking out the stragglers that didn't fall off with the scrub down... that and eyebrow plucking... what can i say? i am a hairy beast!

  2. hey girl, I'm right there with you! Though, I'm a waxer myself. But... I wasn't gonna write a whole blog post on THAT. ;)


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