Monday, April 26, 2010

No LACK in Style

Sometimes I feel like Chris and I live in an IKEA showroom.

We have the Karlstad sofa, three natural LACK tables, the JokkMokk dining room table and chair set, the Poang chair, aaaaaand the Hemnes bed (whew... that's mouthful!) Plus a few lamps and other odds and ends.

Some of our furniture I really love--like our lime green couch.

Buying our first couch together. Awww...

The furniture has held up great and it's perfect for our budget right now, but I've been getting a little bored with some of the pieces.

Specifically, Mr. LACK table. 

So, to assuage my desire for new tables, I went searching for some images of LACK tables (or look- alikes) in inspiring spaces. I was amazed at the plethora of beautiful rooms with these little tables! There are oodles of blog posts out there with similar collections of images, but I've pooled some of my favorites  from all over. 

Such a feminine, flirty room!

Ok, I just want to live in this room. Love it!

I love the symmetry in this room. Just add some cushions and you've got ottomans!

A vase of fresh sunflowers will improve any decor!

So, what do you think? Pretty amazing what you can do with an eight-dollar table, huh? Anyone out there with these tables? Do you hide them in corners or proudly display them?

Now I'm contemplating painting mine white... should I do it??

Sources: unknown, flickrEmily A Clarki suwannee, design spongeMaterial Girls Canadian House & Home


  1. Haha... my parents just got some. My mom liked the idea of cheap furniture that we could try out and get rid of if we hated it. Unfortunately, no ideas yet... they're still unassembled.

  2. Our entire apartment is IKEA. That was the only place we knew to shop over here. I have two of those tables and I never knew the possibilities! Thanks!

  3. I am completely speechless with your style questions... all I know is I look at your pics and your posts and I think... man, can she come decorate my house?

    So, can you?

  4. I love your couch too! :-)

    Hawaii was our first duty station and I remember this amazing little handmade furniture store. I forget the name of it, and I think its not well published (my mom's friend told us about it). Anyways, I remember its in this tiny strip mall on Nimitz Hwy. We lived in Little Makalapa and I remember going there a couple times after lunch at the Aloha Tower. If you decide to go look for it, all I remember (its been 6 years) is its right after that curve on your way from Ala Monana/Aloha Tower area to Pearl Harbor. My favorite non-vintage pieces in our house come from this place. Its so unique.

  5. Ok so i just came across your sight today, I'm in love with YHL so when i saw your take on the crate and barrell prints i thought i'd have a peak..and what a coincidence, we have two lack table used as a coffee table in the natural and i am debating painting them either white...or a dark brown...let me know how yours works out :)



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