Monday, April 5, 2010

Kisses and Car Doors

I had the pleasure of having my parents as house guests for the last 10 days. Have you had your parents as house guests? I have to admit, it was a little strange, and I sometimes forgot that I was in the house that I share with my husband! They did such a great job of spoiling me, from cooking me delectable meals all week, to refusing to let me do the dishes and helping me plant a sweet little herb garden on our back patio (more about that later). Honestly, after a few months of  being a lone ranger, it was just nice to let someone take care of me and be their kid again.

The real treat was the time we got to hang out, drive around the island, relax on the beach and explore new places. My parents are pretty much the greatest people you will ever meet. My mom is an adventurous, sushi-eating, snorkeling, baby-saving, kind of woman. She knows how to mother anything--her 7 fabulous kids, my neighbor's rambunctious but adorable children, or cilantro on my patio. And my dad, oh what a guy! He is the most generous, kindest man I know. And when he laughs loudly at my jokes (which is fairly often--I told you he's generous), I feel like a regular comedienne.

Sharing a joke with Pops.

And with their powers combined... they make a fantastic couple. I loved watching my dad open the car door for my mom, without fail, every time she got in the car. I loved watching them sneak kisses, hold hands and laugh together. These are things I've grown up watching but after being married for almost a year, their example of a beautiful marriage is that much sweeter.

And now, I've got dishes and laundry calling my name... Sure you don't want to come back, Mom??


  1. This is the sweetest thing! I too love watching my parents so in love after so many years of marriage. It definitely sets the bar for how a husband and wife should treat one another. It's also such a blessing that you have such a great relationship with them!! Glad you all had a great visit together and that I got to meet them!! :) -Megan

  2. Sounds like a perfect time together. Your parents are so great and it was so fun to read about your time together on the blog and on FB!


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