Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Home for My Bling

Some people are just natural organizers. There is a place for every belonging and after something is used or worn, it returns to it's "home".

That's not me.

I wouldn't say I'm a messy person at all. I keep our home tidied and clean. But I'm not a neat and organized perfectionist. Most of the chaos in our home lurks in drawers and behind closet doors. I've been working on organizing some of the more chaotic drawers and closets over the past few weeks.

One thing that has been bugging me is that all of my jewelry is homeless. For years, most of my earrings have been crammed in a small tin Altoid container. I have no idea when I started keeping them in there but I'm pretty sure it started before a long trip, when I needed a safe place to store my fragile danglies.

I mean, it works, but those pretty little things deserve a better home than that. The jewelry that didn't fit in my little box was scattered about in random drawers and boxes in our bedroom and bathroom. So sad.

Once again, Ross came to my rescue (I really wish we had a HomeGoods, TJ. Maxx or Marshalls here, but alas, we do not). I bought two sweet lacey bowls for 3.99 last fall and they've been gracing our dining room baker's shelf ever since. I looked at them the other day though, and a light bulb went off in my lil' head!

The lacey openings on the handles of the bowl provide the perfect spot to hang my earrings from. And there's plenty of room in that bowl for all my favorite necklaces and bracelets. So now, I can choose easily from the jewelry in my bowl since it's displayed so prettily. 

How do you organize your bling? Do you display it in a pretty case, hang it on a jewelry tree or is it scattered in drawers like mine was up until recently??


  1. Well right now... I have one of those closets with those white-plastic-metal shelf things. Do you know what I mean? I'm currently hanging my larger/dangly earring from the edges of that. As for necklaces, I really must show you... but ya know how the hip ones these days are so long they'd never actually fit in a jewelry box without tangling? We found those sweet 3M (I think) removeable plastic wall hooks at Walmart/Bed Bath & Beyond/anywhere. Put 5 or 6 of those on a wall and all of a sudden, your necklaces are a decoration too! My other smaller earrings are in a small box that has different sections and lastly, my bracelets are hanging on a straight-edged hanger (like the kind for a skirt that you'd get from a store). I hope this is useful and fascinating information. I've enjoyed sharing it. :-) I love your bowl idea!

  2. I hang my necklaces on a coat rack I found at Target. I love this website!:

  3. Right now all my earings are in a cardboard winnie the pooh box that a friend gave me YEARS ago! I don't have any way of hanging them so I LOVE you idea! My necklaces are all in a variety of old jewelry boxes in tiny zip lock baggies...that's my only solution at the moment to keep them from getting tangled. :-) All these "projecty" posts are intensifying my craving to go to Home Goods. Steve will hate you later. ;-)

  4. Wow, you girls have some clever jewelry organizing ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah--I wish we could take a HomeGoods trip together! We don't have HomeGoods here. :( If Steve has any beef with me, he can take it up with me! Ha!

  5. Here is a suggestion for earrings and a DIY project. Take a photo frame and take out the glass and put in a screen. You can hang your earrings here and hang the frame on the wall or put it on a piece of furniture.


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