Friday, April 30, 2010

here and there [happy friday!]

Happy weekend, dear friends!! Just some randomness for you today...

I think I killed my bougainvillea. I just looked up how to care for it (yes, after weeks of ignorance) and I think it needs more sun than it's getting. All of my other plants are doing well, so I'm going to stick it in a sunnier patch tomorrow and see how that works. Poor guy.

See? It's even propped up with one of my sketching pencils. 

Did I tell you that my pillow from Etsy finally came in? While it was beautifully made, the pattern had more pink and purple than I had anticipated. 

It was a little too girly for us (in my opinion) so I exchanged it for another pillow, which is hopefully coming soon! AND I bought two more pillows. I'm excited to share them with you when they come in!

I just have to show you this outfit I sent to my best friend, Emily, who is expecting her first baby (a boy!) in September! I can't believe my sweet friend is going to be a mama! She's going to be fabulous! (And baby Joel is going to be one good looking baby, especially in these duds.)

Remember when I set some goals for deployment? To be honest, I have not been very good at keeping those goals over the past few months. It's not too fun cooking just for myself. Add a kitchen full of dirty dishes that I have to wash by myself and the prospect of eating that pasta for a week straight, and I'm likely to just make myself a peanut butter sandwich. 

But sometimes, I break out the pots and pans and make a real meal, complete with a salad and... chocolate milk (and sometimes I have the eating habits of a 4 yr old).

Yes, I'm eating on my coffee table because my dining room table has looked like this for weeks.  

I finished this painting tonight and I can't wait to show you when it's all dry and placed in it's new home. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

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  1. Happy Friday girlie!!
    I just had some chocolate milk myself, so you are in good company! :-)


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