Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle Part 2: Herbalicious

(Yes, I had Fergie in my head the whole time I wrote this... and now you will too!)

When my parents were here a few weeks ago, my mom helped me plant an herb garden. My mom loves growing things and playing in the garden, so she jumped at a chance to help me cultivate my green thumb. Up until now, the only reason I had a green thumb was because I'm a messy painter... and chances are I had a green knee, nose and toes too! 

Yes, you are reading correctly...we planted "super chilis!" Leave it to me to plant the super-hero of the plant world. 

I'm sure Chris and I will find a recipe to use them in, though if you've read this post from last summer, you'll know we're not fans of the "super-duper" spicy! If nothing else, they'll add some color to my little garden. 

Look, there's one growing! I haven't killed it yet, Mom!

I love the freshness and color they lend to our little sunlit patio. Definitely an improvement from this last summer: 

The plants have been growing really well, so I think I'll have to make a batch of Palumbo spaghetti sauce gravy soon! Or maybe some yummy Thai food with sweet Thai basil! 

Anyone want to come over for dinner??


  1. I want to come over for Dinner! Yum!! :) Way to go on the Garden!!

  2. Look at what green thumbs you have! Good job Lindsay...they look nice and healthy :)

  3. Nice job! ESPECIALLY for a first try. I'll bet next year will be stunning.

  4. I want to come for dinner!!!!

  5. Question! Where did you buy your herbs from? I want to start a mini herb garden in pots from Ikea but am afraid that if I buy cheap seeds from Walmart, they won't grow! Any suggestions?

    Hope you have a blessed weekend! :)


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