Thursday, April 8, 2010

For Chris

It's sad that after only 9 months of living in this house, our closets and drawers are a wreck. I mean, I guess it makes sense if you realize that they were never organized in the first place and when we got here we kind of just threw things into closets and shut the doors.

So this week I've started to clean out and organize a bit. Chris has always been frustrated with the state of our 'junk drawer' in the kitchen, so that was the first thing to get a makeover.

Before: It was difficult to open and close this drawer. Sad. 

After: Hooray for organization! I get a nice little surprise every time I go for a stamp or the stapler now!

Yeah, my life is pretty fascinating. I can see why you keep coming back. 


  1. Oh would you please come organize my drawers and closets? I am jealous of the state of your drawer!!

  2. Oh, well, this is perfect. I haven't been able to show you our new house, but this will be really helpful. Now imagine in your "before" picture lifting up that pile of envelopes and putting a bed underneath...Ok, now put the pile of envelopes back down. There, that's what our room has basically looked like. Great, well, that's one room you can considered "toured". :) haha


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