Monday, April 26, 2010

Bubbly Toes

It's the end of another weekend here in Pearl City and I'm spending it in the classiest way possible... watching Cops and eating milk & Oreos. I know you're jealous. Come spend a weekend with me and we'll have lots of fun!

Every once in awhile I get off my couch, put away the Oreos and get out of the house. I spent yesterday at the Kokua Festival in Honolulu.

Picnic blankets + glorious weather + sweet friends + Jack Johnson = fantastic day.

(That's the most math you'll ever see me do.)

In other news,  Chris was in port this weekend, and after two long weeks without hearing his voice, the phone conversations we've had have been sweet blessings. I'm so excited to be making plans for his return and so thankful for the way God is taking care of us through this deployment. 


  1. Always wanted to go to that festival when I lived there. I'm super jealous now!!! :(

  2. Great pics, looks like so much fun!


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