Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 'Stache

In July 2008, Chris went on a month long mountaineering expedition in Alaska and he came home looking like this:

After years of his short Naval Academy hair style, I loved this shaggy look. But then of course, the shagginess turned into this:

An Ode to "Goose".

I was not a fan of the mustache. My fiance had suddenly turned into a very creepy version of himself. He didn't get many kisses that week. Eventually he had to shave it for school, but ever since then, he has been scheming and planning for the perfect time to grow it back. 

And so he had been looking forward to his first deployment, simply so he could grow out that fuzzy lip caterpillar (maybe for other reasons too, but I think this one topped the list). 

There it is. The 'stache. 

Having not seen any pictures of the 'stache before our reunion in Japan, I was a little wary about whether I'd be creeped out by my own husband. But thankfully, it wasn't as bad as I feared and I got used to his fuzzy face last week. And no, I did not deprive the man of any kisses, that is for sure. I'm absolutely head over heels for this man and he will always be the most handsome man in the world to me. 

He is adamant about keeping it for homecoming but I will be sure to have the clippers ready to go when we walk through the door!

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