Tuesday, March 30, 2010


- I had a great time sharing about my painting at church on Sunday. I basically said the same things that I posted on here in this post and it was very well received. It was so neat to see that something that had so much personal meaning to me when I painted it could also be used to work in other people's lives. God is good.

-Speaking of painting, I've decided to part ways with my painting classes. This has been a tough decision on which I have spent a lot of time praying, thinking about and debating with Chris. I just don't see the point of continuing with painting classes that are making my blood pressure go up every time I think of them. I want my painting to be pulled from inspiration and not from pressure to turn out a certain project. I plan on continuing to paint on my own and I hope I can get back that joy I once had when starting on a painting.

-Chris is still in Japan. Three weeks and counting. He's getting antsy but I sure am enjoying the amount of communication we've been able to have. I love hearing his voice on the other end of the line when he calls and wakes me up in the middle of the night. He's super busy but I'll try to get him to write an update soon!

- I'm starting to shop for a dress for Chris' return. It's a lot of pressure searching for the perfect dress! Here's one that did not make the cut. Haha, oh my. Yes, I had fun taking photos of myself in the fitting room.

-Wanna help me narrow down my search for the perfect couch pillows? My friends got me a pay pal account and I now have some "free" money on Etsy.com. I'm leaning towards mixing some modern florals with a geometric print. Here are a few designs I love on Etsy.com--this one, this one, and this one (not necessarily together). I also really love this one. And I'm thinking of pairing some of those with something like this or this.Our living room is pretty much an amalgamation of color and I kind of like it that way. So many choices, it's so hard to decide!!

-Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes, I'm having a great visit with my parents. But I'm pretty sure they brought the wind and rain with them. Thanks Mom and Dad!


  1. It's so wonderful to spend relaxing time with you Lindsay, catching up, seeing new things and eating yummy ones! We have missed you so much. Oh yea and the weather...true it appears we brought tradewinds and rain..(is that why there are tanning salons even here?) But if you were living in Seattle we would have gone there to see you...regardless of their wind and rain. So, off to the maybe cloudy beach we go today, enjoying this simple relaxation that comes from being away. We are leaving you home to paint in quiet and creative inspiration from God.
    Love, Mom & Dad

  2. I like the navy blue one and the yellow one. Opps, I guess those are USN colors. Hehe

  3. I like the first 3!! The yellow one looks just like your purse :)

  4. I like the first three, too! Some of the ones you can see on the side when you go there are pretty cool, too. They seem like they would go with all the greens in sofa and pictures.

    Glad you are having a good visit--love from your other mom and dad:)

  5. ooooo, #4!!!...I love the different flowers and those colors! yeah, definitely #4 (ok, or maybe #2 if #4 is really your #4 choice. In which case, you should draw my name at Christmas and get #4) ;) haha


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