Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sketchy Business

Today I decided to give the house a good scrub down so that when I get back from my trip to see Chris, I'll only have to tidy up for my parent's visit a few days later. As often happens when I am cleaning, I got sidetracked. I found a pile of old sketchbooks and decided to actually do something with the sketches buried deep in those pages. So some are getting framed while I'll scan the rest into our computer. For now, here are some of my favorite sketches dating as far back as my freshman year in high school.

(These are photos of the drawings, so they are not the best quality. I'll scan them in later)

The first three are from high school. You can tell that I like to just draw what's in front of me.

The one above of the figures is from my first semester of freshman year Drawing class. I politely refused to draw the nude models we had as an assignment. The prof respected my refusal and allowed to draw the wrestling team (that I managed) while they practiced. The professor became one of my favorites in all of college. Even four years later whenever I'd see him on campus, he remembered my name and stopped to chat. I only had him in that one class. 

The one above of the homeless man is one my favorite sketches I've ever done. He would always sit outside the internet cafe in Spain and I have a few sketches I've done of him. I did this one while sitting in the cafe. There was just a wall of glass between us. I wonder if he felt me staring at him.

And finally, two of my favorites: 

(the second one is already framed and I didn't feel like taking it out--so sorry for the glare!)

So there you go. Just a few of the ones I really love. Do you have any old memories collecting dust in the closet that should be framed, put on the shelf, preserved for future generations? Maybe sketches like me? Maybe just precious old photos? Or the ceramic pieces you made in a class a few years ago? Or maybe sweet love letters from your husband or handmade cards from when the kids were little? 


  1. these are great, I love the last one!!:)

  2. These drawings and sketches are beautiful! I'm interesting in drawing too, I'm even thinking of taking some classes. Your sketches have such depth. Hopefully, i'll be able to draw like that one day!

    P.S. I also like your new paintings you have in your shop, So modern yet simple and unique. I'm glad you decided to start your own shop. Thanks for answering my questions! :D

    Keep up with the great paintings and blog!

  3. i love these! i'm pretty sure i have some photos of a few of those places in Sevilla ;-)

  4. These are all wonderful! Of course I love the A&W one :) The drawings from Spain are pretty awesome too! :) I'd like to go back to France and just sit and draw.... :)


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