Friday, March 26, 2010

The Little Trio

Recently I've been searching for some small white ceramic bud vases but haven't found any that I really love. While at Ross the other day, I picked up this little trio:

(you can tell I still haven't done anything about my patio table!)

I love the different textures on each vase and the sweet shape, but wasn't crazy about the blue colors. I mean, the blue is nice but not quite right for my style. 

So I headed for Home Depot and picked up some glossy white spray paint. 

I picked up some sandpaper too and just gave a light rubbing over the vases so the paint had something to grab onto. And then I sprayed. I have to be honest and say I think I was a little overzealous with my spraying. I should have done lighter coats because I got a few drips here and there. I was just so darn excited. But the textures hide the drips a little bit and I'm far from a perfectionist so it's all okay. 

Also... I totally should have done this on the grass. 

Whoops. Sorry Chris. 

 I left the little guys to dry overnight before setting them on my black shelves. (At least I did something right!)

I love them. Do you?

Have you tackled anything with spray paint recently? 


  1. cute! have you seen the ones I have in the downstairs bathroom? they look JUST like those and they're white!!! I got them from Ikea when we visited in december. we both have good taste :)

  2. Looks lovely! I am curious, what is your plan for getting the spray paint off the patio? I cant wait to see the pictures of it all cleaned up!

  3. i love them!!! you have become quite the little decorator, my love!

  4. Lindsay- I would tell your husband that by the time he is home, it will all be rain-washed and sun-bleached away. And then just cover the area with a nice picnic table and have picnics there for the first two days he is home. I t doesn't matter that its not an appropriate place for picnics. He won't care as he gazes into your face. No problem from where I sit. Aunt Susan

  5. Aunt Susan, he doesn't really care about the patio, he was just teasing. It's actually under an overhang so the sun and rain don't get to it, and we have a lovely patio table out there now, but I'll probably go get some kind of cleaner at Home Depot. :)

  6. Oh Lindsay. They are lovely. I'm inspired.


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