Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lindsay Marcheta, will you be my wife?

Yesterday I promised a post on Chris' mustache today but I forgot our camera cord at home, so you'll just have to wait. I know you were probably on the edge of your couch cushion with anticipation, so I apologize. Once I get the post up, you won't be disappointed. I promise. 


Two years ago today, Chris asked me to be his wife. I love our story, so today you get to join me as I remember that fabulous day.

March 2008, I was two months into a missions internship in Acapulco, Mexico. I was living in an orphanage and working in a street kid center.

I'd love to say that I was enjoying every minute, but it was a difficult ride and one in which God was teaching me lots of lessons. Chris decided to come down for a visit and some moral support. We spent the week doing some snorkeling, haggling in the markets and eating scrumptious tacos al pastor.

A few days after he arrived, Chris told me he wanted to take me on a date. We did a little research and found a great restaurant. He insisted that it had to be on the beach with a view of the sunset. He also bought me a beautiful new dress. We had an amazing dinner of shrimp, lobster tails, steak and chicken, complimented by a few Coronas (of course!)

I was feeling spoiled and loved. But I had no idea what was coming. I was clueless. 

As the sun began to sink lower in the sky, Chris suddenly decided it was time to go. He was very adamant that we had to be on the beach for sunset. So without even waiting for the check, we went to find the waiter and pay our bill before we sprinted off the back deck onto the beach. (Okay, it felt like we were sprinting. Chris claims we were just walking.) 

We walked along the beach and I remember telling Chris, "Slow down. There's no rush to get anywhere. Let's just enjoy the sunset." But he said he wanted to get up to a cluster of boulders a few yards away. 

Once we got to the boulders, Chris asked me to ask one of the Mexican families nearby to take our photo. 

And then he asked the man to take one more. 

And he got down on his knee and said, "Lindsay Marcheta, will you be my wife?" Oh, it makes my heart thump just thinking of that moment.

 What you can't see is that my face is bright red. I was so surprised. We had been talking about engagement alot that week and Chris had me convinced that a proposal wasn't coming for another few months. What can I say, I'm dense. I didn't even know he liked me until five years after our friendship began. 

After a chorus of yeses bubbled out of my mouth, we made our way down the beach, spent a few blissful hours sitting on an abandoned life guard stand drinking grocery store wine, and then we made our way to a friend's house to phone our families (who were all in on the secret and waiting the whole week for the phone calls!)

The proposal was perfect. He knew that a pretty new dress would make me feel like a princess. He knew that I would want to have pictures of the moment so that years later we could look back and relive the exhilaration we both felt. I love that we were surrounded by vacationing Mexican families who cheered and clapped and yelled "Beso! Beso!" (Kiss! Kiss!). 

I am so blessed to be married to this man. He understands me more than anyone ever has. He loves me so well and has found the perfect balance between making me feel like a precious treasure and keeping me grounded! He is the goofiest guy I know and at the same time, one of the wisest and smartest men I've ever met. I'm so thankful that I get to go through this life with him by my side. 


  1. What a beautiful story! How exciting that you get to be together for this special anniversary!

  2. Made me tear up, what can I say I am a sucker for a love story and yours was great!! I teared up at the end when you talked about how much you love him!!! Thanks for posting, you gave me my healthy morning cry!!

  3. I agree completely with the above comments! I too cried like a baby because I love seeing God bring together two people who love Him and are so strong together! Thanks for sharing that story. :-)

  4. still one of my favorite proposal stories to date. so glad you are getting some quality time in with your man to remember such an awesome day and to celebrate your "birthday"!

  5. This is beautiful, L! I am all teary eyed now.

    You guys are a gorgeous couple inside and out!

  6. this made me cry. what a sweet boy you have.

  7. I love it, you and your hubs are SO adorable! Thanks for linking up to some old posts, I am a new follower of your blog and just love it :)

  8. I am not fortunate enough to know Chris very well, but reading things like this make it very clear what an awesome husband he is! I am so happy you found each other!!!

  9. Wow! You're story is so sweet and perfect, it brought tears to my eyes! I stumbled upon your blog via a post in Modmomento... what a great find!

  10. I am Über impressed that Chris chose a spot that would be a perfect backdrop for engagement pictures.


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