Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm flying First Class, Up in the Sky...

As I type, I am sitting in our hotel suite in Japan, eating gummy coke bottles (I know it's 6am, but they are just sitting here on the desk and I LOVE them!) and thinking about the goodness of God and how He brought me through Passport Panic, Lone Traveler Leeriness, No Hotel Nightmare and everything in between. It's been a roller coaster ride of emotions while preparing for this trip and I can't tell you how overjoyed I am to finally be here and recharge with my husband.

I flew Delta on the way over here. I haven't flown Delta in a while, so I was surprised at the luxury provided in the coach class. First was the spa-like atmosphere. Well, you know, being the only American on a flight to Japan, all I heard was the dull buzz of conversations that I had no hope of eaves-dropping on. So, I zoned out.

 I also had the privilege of receiving a back massage throughout the entire 8 hour flight. At first, I thought, "Wow, they've got massage chairs on these flights??" Oh, no, it's just the four year old behind me kicking the seat. He was pretty good at getting at my lower lumbar region and all the way up by my shoulder-blades too.

Lastly was the three course meal. No, I'm serious this time. The attendant dude handed me a menu card at the beginning of the flight and I was amazed. We got a shrimp cocktail appetizer, a "seasonal green" salad, and a choice of either sliced beef with Thai coconut sauce or Asian soy chicken breast with rice and carrots. (Since I'm a sucker for anything Thai and tend to flee from anything soy, I chose the first option) We also got bread and butter! AND free beer and wine! The Thai beef was actually quite delectable and I was impressed.

Not so impressed with the "Pre Arrival Light Meal"though.

Soba noodles.

 Do you know what those are? Because I didn't and probably never will because the cold, gray noodles in the tray looked like brains and I didn't eat them. I'm sure the Japanese make delicious Soba noodles but I'm also sure Delta does not.

After going through immigration and customs, I checked in at the DoD shuttle desk and patiently (not really) waited for my love to arrive. And arrive he did. I love those reunion moments. So precious.

Overall, thumbs up on the travel. Come back tomorrow to read all about my husband's mustache. Let's just say I can't keep my hands off him (Ok, that might not be the mustache but whatever.)


  1. I am so glad that you are there with your hubby! What a crazy roller coaster this has been. Enjoy this sweet time with your man and the awesome opp to experience life in a different culture.

  2. glad you got spoiled on your flight. i'd say you deserve it big time after all you've been through lately. and tell chris that the mustache is very "top gun", even though i haven't seen it.


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