Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to meeee!!

Today is my 24th birthday. Anyone who knows me well will you tell you that I loooove birthdays... specifically MY birthday. There's just something magical about a day centered around you.. or maybe I'm just an attention whore. Today I will celebrate by heading to the beach with some friends and then getting ready for a little cookout action at our house later tonight. 

So far, the best part of my day has been opening this present from my mama. 

It can only go downhill from here. 


  1. Ummmm.....gross!!! Happy Birthday my Lulu!! We called you earlier and Mia left a message, but I'm not sure it was intelligible. Can't wait to hear all about your celebrations!

  2. We are all celebrating YOU today Lindsay! Your blog readers may not quite understand the significance of the gift...unless they know of your obcession with b.a.c.o.n! So do tell....does the floss really taste like bacon?

    Be sure to post pics of your 24th bday party!


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