Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Delurk Thyself, Dear Reader!

So you've been reading my blog for awhile now, right? You wanted to weigh in on my patio table painting dilemma, but just couldn't figure out how to comment. Or maybe you thought about sharing your sympathy with me after the mustache post, but just clicked back over to Facebook after reading the post. Well, first of all, thanks for reading! And thank you to those of you who do leave me sweet nuggets of love and throw in your two cents.

It's okay, I was a lazy commenter at one point in my blog-life too (confession: I'm still a lazy commenter, but working through that problem). I understand where you're coming from. It's easier to just read the posts and keep your comments to yourself. You're a lurker, that's what you are.

You can come out of hiding now!

One of my readers emailed me a few days ago and said she felt bad that the conversation was one sided and so she wrote in with her two cents. It was great hearing from her and I'm glad she wrote me. But you know, this doesn't have to be one-sided! I really would love to read your insights, answer any questions and just know who's out there reading my blog!

So say 'hi' this week and next time a post tickles your funny bone, resonates with you spiritually, or sparks your creativity, let me know!

 It's as simple as:

  1. Click on the little link below the post that says "0 thoughts" (I'm guessing it says 'zero'... maybe it's on one or two!) 
  2. Give me your two cents on the post. Or just say hi! 
  3. Choose your identity. You can remain Anonymous, or choose a name and put your own website in, or if you have a Google account, you can sign in on that.
  4. Publish your comment and share your love with me! 

Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. So I admit it, Lindsay, I've been lurking about and reading your blog for some time now, without making any commentary whatsoever. I appreciate your keeping the rest of us informed as to what's going on in your life, though!

  2. Hey Linds! I love reading your blog, it is inspiring me to write my own... I haven't because most days it is got up, went to work, went to bed. :) One day soon...
    Your blog is great and it is one of the highlights of my Reader and I always read it when I see it there!

  3. Okay, I admit it, I'm a lurker... on several blogs. But I really have enjoyed keeping up with your life through this! I am urged to pray for you and Chris as well. And it brings back such fond memories for me of my newlywed days :) By the way, this picture of you in the trees looks like something that could come out of LOST!

  4. i want you to know that this makes FIVE "thoughts" on this blog post.

    don't feel bad. no one ever comments on mine, either. i'm starting to think maybe my mom's the only one who reads it... ?? i which case, i could just quit, because i tell her all this stuff anyways.

    but i enjoy it too much to quit. =P

  5. Your blog inspired me to blog! Thank you for your fantastic writing and beautiful testimony of marriage! I have to say "Delurk Yourself" is my favorite title so far! I was thinking it was some Hawaiian tradition or something!, just a cyber tradition that, unfortunately, I have participated in! (I'm doing better, though!) Love ya!

  6. Jasmin--That picture is taken in Waimea Valley and my cousin and I were there to see some of the LOST filming sites! We were playing around and re-enacting scenes, so you're right, it's supposed to look like a LOST picture! :)

    Heather--I'm glad you're keeping up with your blog! I should comment more on yours! :) It's funny because a lot of people tell me that they read my blog but never comment and my stat counter says people read it. So I just know there are those lurkers out there. :)

    Thanks for the encouragements friends!

  7. Hey Lindsay...I'm a lurker. I admit it. I guess I'm just curious about life after marriage and I think you're cool. haha. And I had the privilege of working with your sister last summer for a month or so, which was quite fun. She is a sweetie. So yes, here I am. :-) Nice post.


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