Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle (part 1)

Two days ago, our back yard looked like this:

(poor little table is lost in the jungle!)

That's what happens when your husband is deployed and you have a case of the lazies... for over a month.

But I got over that, pulled on my big girl pants and weed whacked the jungle. Go me.

So, that was part 1.5 of trying to transform our humble little back yard into a restful place where we can relax, entertain and enjoy a quiet dinner together once Chris returns.

(Part uno was grabbing those yellow adirondack chairs, some bright candles and that plant from the Navy Exchange Garden Shop. More fun additions to come!)

Part two is to work on this guy:
(I love those cute little orange candles and my little green guy!)

I love the lines of this table! We got the table for free last summer from an abandoned house our realtor was in charge of. So, here's the dilemma. It needs some refinishing... as you can see here:

Beautiful, right?! Here's where I need your opinion. After a bit of sanding, should I...

A). Give it a fresh coat of stain and keep that beautiful wood color?

B). Paint it bright & white?

C). Spice it up with a splash of color? Which color??

D). Got another brilliant idea? Chime in!

Here's a chance for all of you who are reading this blog but lurking in the shadows to pipe up! I know you're out there! So, click that little comment link and give me your .02 cents!

 I'll be patiently waiting for your opinions to pour in. 


  1. Hmmm... tough call! I would think staining it may be hard to get an even color with the different depths from wear and tear, white would get dirty real quick outside, so I vote a bright color! Maybe orange to match the candles and would look refreshing with the green grass and yellow chairs! Can't wait to come hang out when it's done! :)

  2. Hi girl! I would most definitely vote to keep that lovely wood color...but I do agree it might be hard to match the stain color. It's just so pretty with the wood! :-) That's my tiny thought. hee hee.

    ~Sarah W.

  3. Turquoise! It would be so cute with your yellow chairs and orange candles. Not to mention tropical, which of course makes sense in Hawaii! By the way, we got your thank you today and the girls were so excited! Love you!

  4. I have to agree with the turquoise or bright blue!

  5. I agree with Turquoise or a bright green...not neon...more of a fresh cut grass green!!! I love reading your blog Lindsay and I admire and appreciate all you military wives who are willing to share their husbands with our country and spend long periods away from them while they serve our country.
    With Love,
    Becky (hamner) Napotnik

  6. Thanks for your ideas ladies! I'll let you know what I decide and will definitely be posting pictures after the beautification process!


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