Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two is Better Than One

This song (by Boys like Girls) came on while I was driving in the car this afternoon and immediately the tears sprang to my eyes. Of course, I was in the Micky D's drive through (don't hate on me, we don't have a Chick-fil-a here and I wanted some chicken nuggets!) and I'm sure the girl at the window was wondering why I was crying over nuggets and fries.

I am incredibly thankful for the love and support shown to me by our amazing church family here in Hawaii. I always have a friend to go surfing with. God has provided us with great neighbors who look after me and ring my doorbell at 9 pm to tell me that my car lights are on. And my friends and family all over the country have been showering me with prayers, encouraging cards and phone calls just to check in.

But unfortunately, none of these can compete with having my best friend and husband around. I need him there when I've been trying to open a jar of spaghetti sauce for 2 minutes and none of the usual tricks are working (shh, don't tell my mom. Sometimes I'm lazy and don't feel like waiting six hours to make my own sauce!).  

I want him there when I'm driving in the car and I have no one to talk to while I sit at the 20th red light in a row on Kam Highway.

 I wish he could be there on the blanket with me when I am surrounded by friends on the beach, laughing and joking and thinking, "Wow, God is good."

He can't be here right now and I am so proud of the work he is doing out in the Pacific. So, in the meantime, I'll keep the tv on for company, snuggle with my pillows at night instead of my husband,
and wait for the day when I can run into his arms and thank God for bringing him home safe again.


  1. Oh Lindsay! I can only imagine. I hope these days pass quickly.

  2. Girl..you are a much stronger woman than I am. I cried when that song came on the other day...except I was on my way home to Steve who was happily watching NCIS. So cried away! I think we'd be worried about you if you didn't. :-)

  3. oh, Sarah, I promise it's not my own strength. God is definitely carrying me through this. I really do feel all the prayers. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. these posts are very encouraging to me. thank you so much for sharing the hard stuff and the real feelings, all the while in light of God's Love instead of selfishness and despair. It is so good to know that even through the tears, time still passes and there is loads to look forward to. It's very good to know that it kinda sucks, but it won't kill you or ruin your life. I am encouraged to hear that in the pain of separation your love for one another can deepen, and your awareness of God's provision expands. I know I'm gonna be revisiting these posts whenever Sam ships out. Thanks.

  5. I love that song! Definitely a hard one during deployment though. You are doing great! I couldn't listen to the song "You're a jerk"=) because Sam and I had heard it a lot and always laughed about it. Weird=) I read this verse this morning and thought of you...Ps. 56:8- "You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?" It's so encouraging that God sees every tear of loneliness and pain that we cry. Love you!


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