Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Joy.

Happy Monday, loved ones. Thought i'd share some things I'm excited about this week. 

--I got to talk to Chris yesterday for half an hour! He's in port this week and he's excited to go scuba diving today. It was so great to just chat about life with my hubby and it made things seem a little more "normal". Then before I went to bed, he popped onto Facebook chat. What a treat! 

{yes, I took a picture while on the phone with much??}

--Today is February 1st! That means my listening limit on Pandora starts over! I  had about 20 minutes left last night when I went to bed. Whew, just made it! Love a fresh start. 

--My niece Lucy (with a little help from her mama, Beth) sent me a package! It was such an unexpected surprise in my mailbox yesterday! Thank you sweet Lucy! 

--Little Sister comes in 5 days!! Woo! 

--I am coming up with some plans to finally decorate our bedroom and our backyard. Both are areas of our house lacking in personality. I bought a new white comforter for the bedroom and I'm planning on a color scheme of soothing teal and green. And for the backyard, I'm thinking some bright adirondack chairs would be ideal for enjoying a glass of lemonade and a book in our little patch of grass. (And of course, a hair cut for the grass!)

--Lastly, I am slowly working on my paintings. I've experienced some "painter's block" the past couple of weeks but I've just started to put paint on canvas, expecting to push past that at some point. Here's a sneak peek from a few days ago.

Have a great week everyone! 

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  1. So excited for the time you'll get to spend with your sis. What fun for you both! And can't wait to see what you do with your decorating projects.

    Way to go taking the self portrait while chatting on the phone... you are an excellent blogger!


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