Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Ike-man!

I can't believe this little guy is EIGHT today! 

My nephew Isaac (Ike) is the sweetest kid you'll meet. Even when he's rocking his mohawk and camo shorts, he still finds time to come snuggle with me on the couch. During one of our sweet snuggle sessions a few years ago, I said, "Ike, even when you grow up and you're 16 years old, will you still snuggle with me?" He replied, "Of course Aunt Lindsay!" 
For the sake of his reputation, I think I'll let him side on that promise when he gets older. 

He's a great brother, an expert at video games, a fierce wrestler and football player, and a fun sidekick. His little smile warms this Auntie's heart! 

The worst part of being half way across the world is missing these little guys grow up and missing months worth of their kisses and hugs! For now, I will settle for singing "Happy Birthday" on speaker phone and sending (belated..oops!) birthday packages...

 Happy Birthday Ike-man! 


  1. really? He's 8 ALREADY?
    You are such an awesome auntie! My kids are a country away from their aunt karen and trust me, she is a HUGE part of their lives still. Do you skype?

  2. We don't really skype! I don't think Jola has a fast enough computer. I need to get the kids over to do it on Tori's computer though! I video chat with her almost every week.

  3. I just showed Ike the post. He just got this little impish grin and said "its so cool I am on the web" You made his night, Aunt Linsady! Love and miss you....


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