Monday, January 4, 2010

Some R & R in Kauai

So, I promised to write a Kauai post. As I've told you, the month or so leading up to Christmas was stressful. Due to a major inspection on his ship in December, Chris had to go in 7 days a week for about 5 weeks in a row. Ugh. It was painful. But, we got through it and I'm so proud of my hubster's positive attitude through the whole thing.

His inspection finished up on December 18th and the next morning, we hopped on a plane to Kauai. On the agenda--spend 3 nights/4 days backpacking the Na Pali coast, then 2 nights at a relaxing B & B. It. was. amazing. Here are some highlights. 

Hitch-hiking! Oh yes, we did! It was fun (once we actually got picked up!) and safe and we got to meet all sorts of interesting characters and helpful people. 

We bought a new camera the day before we left for Kauai. I had a blast playing with it and taking detail shots with it along the trail. 

Blistery feet. Not a highlight per se, but I thought it was pretty funny when Chris patched my footsies with duct tape!
We were graced with amazing views like this around every bend of the trail. We felt so blessed to be able to witness God's stunning creation like this. 

This is where I almost died. The washed out trail is on the left side of the photo and though there are metal stakes sticking out of the cliff, there really was nothing to stop me from sliding 400 feet into crashing waves below. Yes, I slipped and Chris had to take his pack off and come back to get me. There were alot of tears and vomit (hey! I almost died!) on my part afterwards.

Lots of hubby/wifey time. After seeing each other only briefly for over a month, we so enjoyed spending every hour together, talking about everything and nothing or just hiking together in contented silence. 

Aah, after 4 full days of hiking over 22 miles, it was so nice to rest our tired muscles and peel duct tape off our... *my* feet. We enjoyed delicious, fresh tropical fruit each morning and conversation with some really quirky B & B owners! 

So, there's a little glimpse into our holiday getaway! This week in the Wilkins household, we are gearing up for deployment which is just around the corner. Not such a fun task, but we have resolved to seek the JOY in the midst of it all! Prayers are needed and appreciated! 


  1. Oh my gosh! I would have vomited too. That is super scary.

  2. You guys are so so cute! Wow, living in Hawaii--must be nice :) Right now I'm cuddled under a blanket in PJ's at 5:30pm, hahaha. Thats a Pennsylvania winter for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Its true, reading about 'strangers' can totally be intriguing. I do it, too. ;)

  3. Love your new header picture... you guys are the cutest ever!
    And I loved reading about your trip here and on FB. I am totally afraid of heights and I am sure I'd have been puking and crying too... but you did it... you pressed on and with Chris by your side (and God) you kept going, didn't let fear grip you and I am guessing did something you never would have thought you'd do and will totally look back on with sweet memories (minus the vomit)!

    Will be prayig for you as you prepare to say goodbye and as you get through this deployment. I can't imagine how hard it will be. But, i am certain you will look back and see how God has carried you through this rocky ledge too and how you've grown through this encounter as well.


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