Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Geriatric Painting Class

I brought home a treasure trove of supplies from a wholesale art store this weekend. I'm excited to transform those blank canvases into creative expressions of my soul (how's that for artsy-fartsy lingo??).

I had my first class today (Advanced Painting). I'm probably in over my head as the rest of my classmates are seasoned (ie. over 50 years old) artists with decades of experience painting. They have paintings that are older than I am. Even though I've been painting for a long time, I completely stand out as the baby in the class. Yikes. 

Over the course of the class (14 weeks), we have to create a series of cohesive paintings centered around a 'concept'. Some people shared concepts that have been done before (most of my 'elder' classmates have taken this class several times) such as "Circles" or "Abstract Flowers". There is a lot of abstract art going on it that class and I'm totally intimidated by it. I have no idea (well, plenty of ideas, but none that are good!) what my concept will be. I have a week to come up with a meaningful concept that I won't get bored with over the next 14 weeks. Double Yikes. 

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