Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Artist or not?

Once in a while, when someone introduces me, they say "This is Lindsay, she's an artist". And I get all flattered and people get all curious and ask me questions (or say, "oh, nice" and really they don't give two hoots). 

The worst is when I get into conversation with someone, tell them that I sketch and paint and find out that they are a real arteest! They went to some trendy school and paint huge, meaningful artwork and their inspiration is some guy who lived in the 15th century and had severe mental issues. 

But honestly, I doubt my status as a bona fide artist. 

(The potential of a blank canvas makes me tingle with joy)

So,  here's the question, at what point does a person call oneself an artist? I mean, yes, I "do" art. I love painting and sketching and being creative in all sorts of ways. God has given me creative talents and it gives me real joy to use those talents. And I do think that my art is pretty awesome (most of the time).

But in order to be considered an artist, shouldn't I be moody (ok, Chris might say that some days I fit this criteria), and shouldn't my paintings have underlying messages about life and death and joy and sorrow? Or is it okay that my sketches are of whatever is sitting in front of me  (water bottle, homeless man, 16th century Spanish architecture...) and my paintings are not for emotional effect but merely visual?

When does a person move from being someone who paints and draws to an artist? Do you consider yourself an artist?

**Edit** I wanted to add that there are artists I greatly admire (my grandmother, Chris' grandmother, several amazing friends) and who are great inspirations to me. So, obviously not all artists are moody and mentally unstable, that's just the stereotype that comes to mind when I start thinking about whether I am one or not. 

(I'm not fishing for compliments here, people. I really want to know what you think!)

[ on the homefront today--painting! (duh) and spending the week alone as Chris is gone 'til Thursday]


  1. I think that the fact that a blank canvas makes you, "tingle with joy" proves you are an artist, b/c us non artistic types would find a blank canvas overwhelming and frightening!

    I didn't know you were an artist! I love reading your blog and learning more about you! Hope you can find fun things to pass the time till your man is home again! Thanks for the sacrifices you both are making for our nation!


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  2. I LOVE this post, because I even have an art education degree and I have a hard time when people call me an artist! I feel like I dont fit the description of a typical artist, or art teacher at that....and my students crack me up when they say, "Wow Mrs B you are a REAL artist!"...I'm like...umm..not really. ;)

  3. i don't know... i, for one, LOVED being called a ballet dancer, and i miss it, if i'm being honest. is it your passion? your calling? whether or not it is your job, is it your primary occupation? those are the questions that i think define an artist. except that i don't think questions can be definitions. so i give up. =P


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