Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guest What??

Your room awaits you! 

Here are some pictures of the guest room here at Casa Wilkins. Though not completely finished, I finally deemed it adequate about 2 hours before Angela's arrival last week. I still want to get some curtains, and I need to replace that TV tray with an actual bedside table (not to mention get a desk and set up my painting corner) but overall, I love this sunny little room. 

 { This headboard is made out of an old privacy screen & some yellow paint. Pretty easy project and I love what it adds to the room.}

{Angela snagged this welcoming sign from the Swap Meet for us during her visit!}

{A little beach reading for our guests}

{Vintage inspired Hawaii tins--love them!}

{Some vintage style postcards of Hawaii to add some more color and life to the room!}

So there you have it. Not perfect but I'm happy with it! If you're ever in the area, give us a ring--we'll get fresh sheets on that bed in no time! 

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