Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Early Morning Drives

Before the sun rises each day, Chris wakes me up with a kiss, I pull on some sweatpants, rub the gunk out of my eyes and stumble into the passenger's seat of our car. With only one car, I have to drive him into work if I don't want to be trapped in the house all day.

Usually our pre-dawn conversations include me sharing my colorful, wild dreams from the night before and sometimes we talk about Chris' schedule for the day. But mostly, we just sit in the dark car and enjoy a few extra minutes together before another busy day starts. Then, we pull up to the pier, exchange hugs and I drive home to get another hour's sleep (or two... or three if I'm being honest.)

And most days, as I drive away, I get to enjoy spectacular sunrises like this. 

I love our early morning drives. 

Guest What??

Your room awaits you! 

Here are some pictures of the guest room here at Casa Wilkins. Though not completely finished, I finally deemed it adequate about 2 hours before Angela's arrival last week. I still want to get some curtains, and I need to replace that TV tray with an actual bedside table (not to mention get a desk and set up my painting corner) but overall, I love this sunny little room. 

 { This headboard is made out of an old privacy screen & some yellow paint. Pretty easy project and I love what it adds to the room.}

{Angela snagged this welcoming sign from the Swap Meet for us during her visit!}

{A little beach reading for our guests}

{Vintage inspired Hawaii tins--love them!}

{Some vintage style postcards of Hawaii to add some more color and life to the room!}

So there you have it. Not perfect but I'm happy with it! If you're ever in the area, give us a ring--we'll get fresh sheets on that bed in no time! 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Texas meets Hawaii

Our first guest has come and gone! My cousin, Angela, from Texas had the honor of being our very first house guest in Hawaii.  Angela and I grew up seeing each other about twice a year and each year, our friendship grew as we put on skits for the family, shared our love for Christ and stuffed our mouths at Grandma's kitchen table. We always have a blast together and there was nothing different about that this week. We crammed so much into one week and I'm so thankful for the precious time we spent together. Here are some highlights from our week together (these are all Angela's photos):

We hiked up a mountain ridge in Lanikai and enjoyed the amazing view of the island.

We had dinner at Duke's in Waikiki 
We took a trip to Waimea Falls and searched out other LOST filming sites...

...and of course we had to re-enact scenes too!

Thanks for the amazing visit Angela!

[In other news, Chris has been super-busy and exhausted this last month or so. His ship has a very important inspection in December and he has been working crazy hours getting ready for it. Please pray for strength, wisdom and peace in this last month or so before the inspection!]