Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Little Sprucing

The wall behind our living room couch has been bare and lonely for a few weeks now:

So I recently spent a few days in "studio" (aka the floor of our living room) and whipped up these babies:

I love how they turned out except that I think I chose canvases that were too small for the wall. Oh well, at least it's something and they make me smile when I look at the wall now. 

What do you think?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Congrats to us!

It's our 3 month-aversary today!

I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate and being married to this wonderful man is definitely cause for celebration! Chris and I are heading out to Ko'Olina tonight--a beautiful spot to catch the sunset with a picnic dinner. He's also being a big help to me and hanging one of my house projects I've been working (another post on that coming up!) 

In honor of 3 months of wedded bliss, I'll leave you all with some of my favorite pictures from our wedding. 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

As good as new!

A few weeks ago our realtor invited us to go "shopping".

Chris and I drove to the other side of the island (about 1.5 hrs away) to the address he provided. It was an abandoned house on a beautiful beach front property. Apparently the former owners had built some additions onto it, then were told by the county that they didn't have the correct permits. So, they tore the additions down and left the place to be sold. It is in complete disarray on the outside and inside.

 But it held some gems that we couldn't pass up. We piled:

  • one full sized guest bed (mattress, box spring and frame)
  • a glass topped table (we are using it on our lanai)
  • a short wooden bookshelf
  •  a wrought iron baker's shelf with bamboo shelving and 
  • two privacy screens 
into the back of our rented U-haul pickup and happily drove home with our free furniture.

Last week I turned the dirty, rusty cobwebby baker's shelf into a shiny, clean, re-painted shelf unit. I love how it turned out. Check it out: 

I used a wire brush and sandpaper to get all the rust and chipping paint off. I scrubbed the wood with a scrub brush. Then I taped off the bamboo shelves and drawer fronts with painter's tape and newspapers. After all the prep work, I put on two coats of Rustoleum spray paint with a hammered texture.  And voila!

Here it is in our dining room. Please excuse the bare walls. I'm still working on that. :)

I'm not sure I love the contrast between the dark baker's shelf and the light dining set. I'll figure something out there. 

Anyway, stay tuned for some more projects I'm working on and other goings-on in the Wilkins household. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home sweet home!

Lots has happened in the past month!

 We left San Diego on July 17th and endured a long flight to Hawaii (I say endured because Mrs. Wilkins did not bring any reading material and the inflight movie was dull so Mr. Wilkins had to deal with a very bored and anxious wifey). We spent a little over a week in the Navy Lodge where we went through a long and arduous decision process concerning housing. Long story short, we moved into our home on base housing last week. We are still considering buying a home on another part of the island but for now, God has provided a wonderful little house for us. Here are some visuals for you: 

Our little backyard with pathetic grass and no patio furniture (yet!): 

Love our kitchen with the peek-a-boo into the dining area on the right:

Our green couch makes me smile. Still working on artwork for the wall :

This shower curtain also makes me smile. Ah, the little things in life: 

We are getting settled in nicely. Chris is really enjoying his job and I am enjoying setting up our house and relaxing for a little while. Please pray for wisdom and guidance concerning house buying and job hunting for me too! Love you all! Check in later for more!