Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Grand Finale

Ok, we are going to speed through the last few stops of our road trip and catch all of you faithful readers up on our goings on.

After our Grand Canyon hike, we were dead-tired.  We stayed in a huge hotel in Las Vegas and in order to get to our car from our room we had to walk down the hallway, take an elevator down 9 floors, walk down another hallway, take an elevator up 2 floors and then find our car in a parking garage. That alone was enough to make us cranky. We had a yummy Chinese dinner and went to bed with all of Vegas left undiscovered by the Wilkins. Too bad. 

Sequoia National Park was next on our list. I (Lindsay) felt sick from all the changes in the altitude + narrow winding roads. The trees were tall. That's all I really got from the trip.
We then camped for a night in Yosemite. The views were great and we saw a bear but I think by this point were on overload with national parks and we should probably go back later in life to absorb the full grandeur. 

Napa Valley came next. I think this is one of my favorite stops on the trip. We stayed at a beautiful B &B (with a huuge shower as you can see below) in Napa and went to some wine tastings in Calistoga. One of the wineries we went to had a tram up a hill and we toured their winery before the tasting. We also had a fun date night that night. 

Then comes San Francisco. We visited the Golden Gate bridge and watched the kite boarders and wind surfers on the bay for a few hours before meeting up with Jared and Leah Davis. We stayed at their awesome apartment for the night and got to meet their baby daughter Lyla. We went to church with them in the morning and then headed south towards Monterey. 
We drove on Highway 1 for a few hours and enjoyed the scenic views but didn't enjoy the traffic and fog so much. We stayed in Monterey at the Navy Lodge for a night. Monterey is beautiful. 

Our last stop on our road trip was the Ricketson household! Emily Ricketson is a dear friend of mine from Gettysburg and I was so excited to see her and get to visit with her and her parents. We stayed there for the night before heading down to San Diego. 

We are now, finally in San Diego. We are staying in the Navy Lodge on Coronado where our room is about 10 yards from the beach. It is a beautiful spot to be "stranded" for a few weeks while Chris is in school here. God has been so good to us this month as we have been traveling. We were blessed to see many family and friends, witness His creation and spend lots of time getting to know each other better. We are ready to get to Hawaii and set up a home. Thanks for your prayers and keep checking in here for more updates!

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