Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Part 2 & 3 of the Great Experiment

Day 2:
0500 -- We awake and eat breakfast.

0600 -- We conclude that the view is better from the top down. However, we have formed a spiritual bond with the canyon by descending into its depths. With a satisfactory answer to our quandry, we return to the trail to climb out of the canyon.

0632 -- Shortly after stopping to stretch, we are ambushed by a hoard of wild mountain goats. The yahoos bravely fought them off while demonstrating superb honor and courage in the face of terror.

0712 -- The expedition has come across some mule deer. The expedition leader ordered them all shot and we have stopped for a mid morning feast.

0803 -- A giant collard lizard has attacked the expedition and run off with one of the yahoos in his jaws. His pitiful screams could be heard long after he was dragged into a cave in the cliffs.

0830 -- We are relieved to exit the box and leave the Vishnu Schist behind us.

0938 -- We return to the waterfall where we wait out the scorching heat of the day for the next 3 hours. 

1430- We venture into the heat in order to get to our campsite for the night. 

1500- We arrive at Cottonwood Campground and set up camp. We find a calm pool in the creek. We take the opportunity to bathe and relax before making dinner. 

1730-- Chow time. The expedition leader makes a delicious dinner of Thai peanut butter noodles.

1900- The team climbs into the tent thinking they'll spend some time playing cards but instead find themselves so exhausted that they fall asleep before the sun goes down. 

Day 3

0400- Early to bed, early to rise. The team wakes before the sun to get ready for the last and toughest day of hiking. 

0515- We are on the trail again and looking forward to hot showers and rest after our adventures. 

0616- We are tired. The sun has not hit the inside of the canyon walls but our burning legs wont let us forget the steep terrain we are hiking. 

0745- We are tired. 

0845- We stop at a bridge to rest our legs and eat a smorgasbord of trail mix, bagels and cream cheese and half a Clif bar. It is hard to get back up again. 

0920- We finally reach the tunnel which signifies the beginning of the end. 

0938- The trail seems neverending. A nice downward slope would be nice but all this canyon wall has to offer is a steady upward climb.

1030- Happy day trippers grate on the yahoos' nerves. Who could be so happy on a trail like this??

1100- We made it! We conclude that this is the end of backpacking adventures for our road trip. 

1130- The freshly showered team chows down on a pizza at the Grand Canyon Lodge. Success tastes so good. 


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