Saturday, June 13, 2009

A hailstorm in June

So there we were, driving through Kansas. The hills were...hilly. The road was long and seemingly unending. The windmills were plentiful. And the clouds were magnificent. (Chris wants me to say fluffy but that doesn't quite encapsulate these clouds' magnitude) We watched for miles as the clouds dumped sheets of rain in the distance. Then, soon after we entered Colorado, we met up with these ferocious clouds and they were not dumping rain. They were releasing huge quantities of hail. We pulled off the road and watched as the ground turned white with ice and my poor car got some sad little battle wounds. 10 minutes later as we eased back onto the road, we had to be careful as the road was covered. Here's a video and some pictures of our adventure.


More to come on Colorado. For now, Chris and I are off to watch a movie in bed and relax for a bit. 

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