Thursday, June 11, 2009

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So... if you are ever asked in a thai restaurant how hot you want your Pad Thai or Beef Penang, be advised that when they say 0 is nothing and 10 is hot, they mean 3 is hot and 10 is your head will explode, and 6 (as Lindsay and I discovered at lunch today) is downright unenjoyable because your mouth resembles Mount Pinatubo.

The Saint Louis zoo is as cheap as free so naturally we migrated there. We were surprised to discover that not only do they have a better variety than the washington dc zoo and with closer access, but the animals were all awake and moving. While we ate lunch we were harassed by peacocks begging for food, but I stared them down. After we finished eating Lindsay decided to take some pictures of me and my new (Somalian) wild ass friends. 

Last night, we were joined at the Drew & Lindsey Wilkins' household by Mary & Beau. We all had a great time eating at an Irish pub, then we went out to a chocolate bar for some amazing desserts & chocolate martinis. So good to be with friends and family.

We tried our our brand new tent last night as we camped out on Drew & Lindsey's porch. We loved hearing the rain pouring down on us and the loud thunder--it thunderstormed all night but we remained nice & dry. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Some highlights from Lindsay:

I cut Chris' hair for the first time last night and he looks pretty dashing, I must say. 

Also, I touched a stingray at the zoo yesterday. 

Tonight enjoyed dinner and a movie in Topeka, KS and we leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Colorado Springs. 

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